Meet Dougei Lankagi, the co-founder and director of Direct Repair Leaside, an auto repair and body shop company in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to providing high-quality repairs to assist in keeping you safe and happy.

Dougei is a people-loving person that enjoys meeting new people, listening to their wants and needs, and fulfilling them to finally see, the smile of satisfaction on their face. His dedication to pouring his heart and soul into everything he does has enabled him to build one of the best auto repair companies in Toronto.

Dougei’s passion for automobiles began when he was just a child, and he began working with them just as early. His love for motor vehicles brought him to Canada in 1987, intending to enroll in college. However, he was torn between auto mechanic work or bodywork. Nevertheless, Dougei opted to lean towards bodywork and enrolled at Algonquin College for a three-year advanced diploma in Automobile Refinishing. Dougei made this decision with hopes of going into business with his younger brother, Boyd who was into auto mechanics, intending to synergize their two skills to build a successful business.

In 1990 he graduated from college and landed his first opportunity at Dan Murphy Sales LTD, a dealership in Manotick, Ontario, as a body shop paint prepper to gain industry experience, and 3-4 years later, he began to paint cars for Ford. In 1997, he moved to Toronto and joined General Motors as a Refinisher. He stayed there until 2007 when the General Motors dealership closed down. He then went on to create the Direct Repair Company with his partner Skip Stinson. The two had a great run as partners until Skip happily retired in 2016. In that same year, Dougei received recognition from Mercedes for his excellence in paintwork and auto body rehabilitation. The company also rebranded from, Direct Repair Collision to Direct Repair Leaside to show our sheer pride for doing business in the Leaside area.

With Dougei’s astute leadership, Direct Repair Leaside Inc has risen to be a straightforward company that is not only concerned with looking for its next paycheck but stands by its word. Our word is our bond and we are dedicated to giving our clients the best by using the highest quality parts and hiring top-notch employees.